Ethical Situations in Business Task 1 Wgu

Ethical Situations in Business
Western Governors University
Task 1

Part A
During the entire lifetime of a business, it should have morals, values and a code of ethics. This company should strive to do better and live up to positive standards put in place. Moral values should be instilled in their management and trickle down to their employees. This process will boost morale in their employees and this light will be seen by their customers. Customers will be highly satisfied and have more respect for their business. A company that possesses those three elements will forth come social responsibility and create a businesses' longevity. Company Q has its own agenda which lacks any sense of positive social responsibility. Their main focus is on profits and dishonest employees. With some much needed guidance, effort and ideas, this company could reverse its outlook and have a positive attitude towards social responsibility.
Company Q closed two stores in high-crime areas because they were consistently losing money. By closing down these stores, this company just created greater turmoil for these communities. For the communities, this means less jobs, less revenue and more crime. Their approach seems to definitely be an easy solution for the company, but it doesn't show positive social responsibility, because it negatively effects the communities. Another issue that shows Company Q's lack of positive social responsibility, would be their high-margin products that are health-conscience and organic, but also limited. What good does it do for the community if they see health-conscience products they need, but they can't buy? It does nothing positive for them and it is also a wasted space in the stores. Eventually, those health-conscience products will be thrown away because they are too expensive to purchase and they will go to waste.   The last issue that portrays a lack of positive social responsibility would be that the store is throwing away day old...