Ethical Misconduct

Essay-3 Ethical Misconduct
The innocence project is an organization which works to free those wrongfully convicted of a crime. According to the information retrieved from the innocence project web site, Jimmy Ray Bromgard was exonerated by “postconviction DNA testing”. The release of Jimmy Ray Bromgard would not have happened had the innocence project not stepped in. They first began working his case in 2000. The DNA evidence used in his case needed to be retested. To do this the innocence project had to get the evidence released. Also, consent from the prosecutors to have the evidence retested would be needed. Consent was achieved. The evidence was retested. The test from a private laboratory showed that Jimmy Ray Bromgard did not deposit the spermatozoa found on the victim’s underwear. With this new scientific evidence, Bromgard’s conviction was overturned. On October 1st, 2002 Bromgard was exonerated.
One may ask how an innocent person ends up spending 14.5 years in prison. How could this happen? The answer to both of these questions is “wrongful conviction”. It is just a fact that wrongful convictions happen. This was the case with Jimmy Ray Bromgard. Many contributing factors were involved in this wrongful conviction. The first poorly managed factor? That was Jimmy Ray Bromgard’s inadequate legal representation. This is known as incompetent lawyering. Legal representation is the backbone of our justice system. Without proper legal representation one is at a grave disadvantage to escape prosecution. The second cause of the wrongful conviction is the misidentification by the witness. This is also a reoccurring problem which needs to be addressed in our criminal justice system. The third and most damming contributing factor to this wrongful conviction is the bad forensic science evidence. In this case it was not the DNA evidence itself. It was the hair sample from the crime scene which was in question. The “expert” witness claimed statistics which were...