Ethical Issues

1) What is the issue?
      a. The Issue in the case of the Director’s daughter is whether or not Zoe Apse, the purchasing Manager for Mesa Meals, Inc. (MMI) should recommend doing business with Tabitha Foster, owner of Tabitha’s Tablecloths (TT), a brand new company with an insufficient track record, or to recommend continuing business with Loretta’s Linens (LL), the current contract holder.
  2) What are the reasons?
      b. The main reason for this issue is that the contract with Loretta’s Linens for all the restaurants’’ linens is up for renewal. Loretta’s Linens is still a contender because they provide equal pricing, and renewing the contract would not promote nepotism, in fact renewing the contract would how MMI’s value for loyalty and fostering good business relationships. They also provide a known business model and approach in a world where change is undesirable. Lastly, LL is an established company who is guaranteed to have the inventory and infrastructure to support the needs of MMI.
      c. Tabitha’s Tablecloths is a new contract with new possibilities associated with leadership within MMI. A major reason to give the contract to TT is because it is owned by a prominent board members daughter. By picking TT, the company would be helping one of its very own, creating a better working environment and helping the world’s environment! Tabitha’s Tablecloths provides a competitive edge to its products because the entire line of linens is Eco-friendly. The newborn nature of TT could be advantageous to MMI, as they can mold the novice company to cater to their needs, while having a contractor that is solely focused on MMI and no other company. Lastly, TT comes with the personal backing and introduction from the CEO of MMI!
  3) Are there any value assumptions and conflicts or descriptive assumptions?  If so, what are they?
      d. There are a few assumptions being made in this case study. The Value assumptions being made are associated with the...