Ethical Delimas

Ethical Dilemmas
University of Maryland University College
AMBA620 Section 9248

  According to Dessler (2009), ethics refers to the principles of conduct governing an individual or group and the standards you use to decide what your conduct should be. Ethics is something that people struggle with everyday.   Whether it involves personal or professional conflict, the questions that they ask themselves remain the same.   There are certain behaviors in society that are considered unethical by most people’s standards.   Then there are behaviors that are questioned, but legal.   The purpose of this paper is to examine the practice of employees accepting gifts from vendors while in the process of bidding and the effects that it can have on an organization.   If this were to happen, should employee involved be disciplined for their actions, and if not, how will it affect the overall synergy of the workplace?   Another question to be answered is should the vendors involved be punished for their participation and should the other vendors involved in the bidding process be informed about the situation? What are the possible negative and positive outcomes that this can have on the company? Using concepts such as Badarocco’s Framework for moral decision making and corporate social responsibility, I would like to look at the different perspectives from whom this practice would affect.   This paper would also serve the purpose of recommending solutions n taking preventative measures to avoid practices that are questionable in the organization.
  There is a policy at my company that states employees are not to accept gifts over a certain amount for our current vendors and not at all while in the process of bidding out any contracts. Recently we’ve had several employees accept football tickets from one of the vendors who are bidding on a major account for the company.   When asked to present a bid, all of the vendors are told that decisions will be made objectively and based upon...