Ethical Decision Reflection

Kathy Gibbs

The ethical decision that I had to make in my personal life was to bring my son’s father to family court for child support.   Yes it was the right thing to do.   Did I feel bad about doing it yes I did, but I had to consider my son’s life and his needs.   The values that led me to make this decision   where, taking care of a child is not just one parents responsibility the responsibility belongs to both parents, regardless of which parent the child lives with .

My son was impacted mostly by this decision, because I was able to give him more and improve on his lifestyle more.   He is able to live a fuller life and make more choices, because of extra income in our household.   The outcome was good and bad, good because my son benefits more, bad because that was not the plan, when both of us mother and father planned to have him 15 years ago.   Most pregnancies are not planned they just happen these days, but we actually planned ours and I thought we both wanted the same for him whether we were together or hundreds of miles apart. We were best friends, before we decided to make a relationship of it, and three years after, we decided to have a baby. Like I said the outcome was good for my son, but I feel bad for us, because it affected our friendship, but that’s life, and you keep moving forward.