Ethical Business Behavior

Ethical Business Behavior Is Not Optional

Michelle Lewis

Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
Scott Levy
November 7, 2010

My article review entitled Ethical Business Behavior Is Not Optional, written by A. F. Gray, published October 24, 2010 speaks about how every person possess tolerance for unethical behavior in business such as dishonesty, manipulation, and secrecy that could become a part of the way they do business. Mr. Gray explains that no one sets out to practice business this way, because the end result could mean legal ramifications or the business going bankrupt. As stated in the article the type of leadership an organization integrates has an important impact on the ethical behavioral practices within that organization. His position is being the least bit unethical could very well lead to bigger issues for themselves and the organization. The bigger issues he speaks of includes lies about finances, time & attendance, and hiring & firing decisions. As for any business keeping secrets pertaining to the reputation of the business, borders on unethical behavior.
I believe he made this point because it misleads not only the internal factors, but also the external factors. Ignoring this type of behavior gives the impression that it is tolerated. By identifying and addressing the problems the ethical bar is raised throughout the organization. As the organization conforms to such behavior Mr. Gray believes that the only way to get things back on track is to do a full audit to find out where the practice of good business ethics was alleviated. As he concludes the article, no one is exempt from this kind of behavior, but the thing to remember is telling that first little white lie could lead to a trend of telling bigger lies over time. Be the type of leader that expects excellence from your staff and surround yourself with people who want to see you do the right thing and be bound by ethical business practices.
Just as A. F. Gray...