Ethic Groups and Discrimination

Ethnic Groups and Discrimination
                                                        University of Phoenix
                                                            February 6, 2010
                                                        Pamela A. Chandler
                                                Instructor: Ms. Natasha Evens

    From the beginning of time, people have had to face some sort of racialism and discrimination. Some races more than others.

    My father and my grandfather traveled across Europe to England and then on to New York. They walked for five years shooting for their dream of coming to the United States. They wanted their freedom no matter what the cost. It was a dream comes true for them when they hit the coast of New York City. This was only the beginning for them in a new life, but sometimes the old life never leaves you. The prejudices and discrimination never change as they will soon find out.
    I come from a long line of Russian Jews. My family immigrated to America back in 1922. This is when my grandfather decided to leave Russia for a better life, for him and his family, in the United States. Back in that time, it was quite normal for Russian Jews to want to leave Russia and immigrate to America.
    The first Russian Jews started immigrating to the United States, in 1880. They actually, arrived from Germany and spoke German (not Yiddish) proceeding to live in almost every state. They started opening stores in just about every major city in America. The originally came from Russia (modern Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, and the Russian-controlled portions of Poland. The number of Jews that arrived to the United States in 1880 was 250,000. This was in the 19th century.
    My grandfather decided to leave Russia, once and for all, and get a better life in America, for him and his family. He left a small town, about 90 miles south of Moscow, with my grandmother, my father, and his two...