Race in My Community

Natasha Biddie

ETH 125

July 11, 2010

Dr. Virginia Merlini


In Thorsby, Al racial diversity depends largely upon the area. Thorsby was founded by Scandinavians in 1865 and to this day there is still have a Swedish festival every October.   The town has 1,674 Caucasians, 110 African Americans, 2 American Indians/Alaska Natives, 4 Asians, 1 Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islanders, 25 other races, 4 mixed race, and 43 Hispanics.       Most of the people in this town are friendly when spoken to, but lead their own lives and tend to stay to them selves. The more exposure a person has to other races the less likely they are to become prejudice. Local Media is especially enthusiastic about the potential benefits of the local towns becoming “wet” including ours. Leaders in my community seem to be friendly and laid back. I could not say that all of Thorsby is as welcoming as the small part of it that I live in. Although, with work I believe it could be.

Race in My Community


      In this essay I will be talking about the small town of Thorsby, Al. It will address racial diversity, local media, a local business, and community habits. I will present to you any problems that our town has with racial discrimination along with my personal opinions to such.

Racial Diversity

      In this section I will be talking about the racial diversity in Thorsby, Al. Racial diversity in my community depends largely upon where you live. Burrs (2008) says:

      In order to understand diversity, it is important to understand how individuals are different. According to diversity experts Gardenswartz and Rowe’s Diversity Wheel, there are four layers and over 24 dimensions that can be seen as possible biases towards another individual. Some of those 24 dimensions include: marital status, geographical location, education, income, personal appearance, age and generational differences (para. 5).

Although my town was...