Eth125 Hispanic American Diversity

Hispanic American Diversity
University of Phoenix-Axia
ETH/125 – Woeltjen

Hispanic American Diversity

    The Hispanic culture, from social origins and religion to art and cuisine, has a big impact on the United States.   A Spanish speaking person, from Mexico, Spain, Central America, or Cuba is presented as Latino or Hispano.   In recent years our country has seen a vast intolerance for immigrants.   Though this wave of intolerance is nothing we haven’t seen before, America seems to experience this whenever there is a wave of vast immigration, it may be enhanced this time around.   Some attributing factors that may be responsible for this uprising we have experienced since 2001 are our economy, ignorance, anger, sustained high levels of immigration, and fear – of both the unknown, therefore stemming racism, as well as for our personal security – the 9/11 incident   was a painful teacher that we are not impenetrable. (Legomsky, 2006)   Regardless of the reasoning behind our issue of anti-immigration, we as a country need to find a way to end the hate crimes being committed against Latino’s that have come to the United States with high hopes that they will have a better life.

    Sadly, rather than being met with the ‘American dream’ Hispanics are instead met with resistance and intolerance.   In the past few years we have seen an uprising in the number of immigrant bashing hate crimes committed against Hispanics.   In April 2006 a 16-year-old Hispanic boy in Texas was assaulted after trying to kiss a white girl. (Mock, 2007)   His attackers, two white boys, aged 17 and 18 beat him, cut him, poured bleach on him, and sodomized him with a plastic table umbrella pole.   Witnesses to the crime did nothing to stop these actions, and in fact nothing after the incident was over, leaving the young Hispanic boy lying behind the house in which the incident occurred for ten hours until he was found by someone else.   (McNamara, 2006)   Though the incident was clearly...