Eth/125 Week2 Quiz

Week 2 Quiz

Reading Review: Chapter 2

Short Answer. Responses should total 150-200 words [11 points] and rules of grammar, punctuation, spelling and usage are properly applied. [4 points]

What is the difference between prejudice and discrimination?

      While prejudice is the learned negative attitude towards an entire group,

      discrimination is an individual's actions or behavior that deprives a group of any rights or opportunities, that are a direct result of prejudice.

How are they related to each other?

      Prejudice and discrimination are related to each other because   a prejudice attitude causes discriminational actions. An individual’s distaste for an entire race may or may not result in the deprivation of opportunities or rights, known as discrimination.

What are the leading suggestions to reduce prejudice?

      - Be brave and do something if you see that someone is being victimized.

      Strengths: Someone may join or help you to get the victim to safety.

      weaknesses: This action takes a lot of courage, and can be dangerous if you get involved.

      -Unite, and get strength in numbers, or create a coalition when frustrated at a Nazi group's actions.

      Strengths: Make some noise and alert the community.

      weaknesses: May take a lot of time if people aren’t as passionate about your cause.

      -   Offer support to a victim and help them report a hate crime that has been committed.

      Strengths: Making sure a hate crime is being reported, and the victim gets help.


      - Do research and gather facts if you think hate crimes are happening in your community.

      Strengths: Educate yourself, and prevent ignorant judging.

      weaknesses: Loss of time?

      - Create an alternative way to release your frustrations, don’t embarrass yourself in public.

      Strengths: meditate or work out to alleviate stress, learn how to be classy and civilized....