Secure attachments and managing transitions

Strategies used to aid the settling in process and help children form positive attachments.
  * Each child is given a key person, this person is responsible for the care of this child and will look after them during their time in setting, this will provide a stable relationship as the child will bond with the person which will make the settling in process a lot easier as they will receive comfort and support from a main career.
  * Play sessions are arrange for new children meaning they will come for short play sessions before starting at the setting so that they can make bonds with their new key person and so that the key person can learn about the child before hand.

Why children need stable relationships to manage transitions.
Forming positive attachments is important for many reasons. It gives a child that sense of security and a reassuring base to then explore the environment from. Creating stable relationships will lead to children feeling less anxious during periods of transitions, children are also less liking to feel anxious if they under go further changes.

How important the key person approach is during transitions.
The key person approach is important in times of transition as children need a stable relationship to work through anxiety, the built up trust in a familiar person is important during this time.
Where possible it is important that children are prepared for transitions, they should be giving support and anticipation by adults close to them in different ways so they are reassured as much as possible making transition smooth and happy for the child.
A person will know the child inside and out, so will be able to make life as normal as possible for a child during transitions, keeping there routine as normal as possible so they are more aware of what will happen next.

Transitions child may experience.
  * Birth of a sibling- A birth of a sibling is an emotional event in a child’s...