Establishing Ground Rules

Establishing ground rules with learners is important. Adult learners in particular like to have ground rules. This will allow them to know their limits and gives them boundaries to work within. Ground rules allow the tutor to manage the teaching environment as well as creating a comfortable and encouraging environment for the learners. It is important to be organised, prepared and professional. Always starts sessions on time stating what is going to be delivered, and recapping points along the way.
The way in which I would establish ground rules with learners would be at the beginning of any course or training session and I would first explain the mandatory rules, for example health and safety regulations and the venues fire procedures, and any other venue specific rules, such as designated smoking or restricted areas.
I would encourage the group to set their own ground rules , I would first make some suggestions such as arriving on time, switching off mobile phones, not eating or drinking in class, confidentiality, being courteous and respectful to one another and listening attentively. After making these suggestions I would give the group some time on their own to compile a list of their suggestions of their ground rules. We would then discuss together and agree our ground rules which would be displayed in the class.
By letting the group set the ground rules, this gives them ownership of the rules and they are more likely to keep them, and if they are broken, it is most likely that the group will reprimand the person which saves the tutor from doing this.   This also creates a safe learning environment, which makes the group feel secure and meets the learners first level needs in motivation.