Establishing Ground Rules

Assignment 4 .

  Introduce myself. Bearing in mind I would have no more than one to ten learners (adults) and that they are present in the class by their own choice. This I feel would make it easier to reach an agreement.
My own experience as an assessor in Customer Service tells me that attendance, punctuality and not interrupting others equates to continuity which is essential in good customer service provision. These ground rules are important and would be non negotiable. These rules be issued on a handout with room to add additional rules agreed after the discussion groups. However, these would have to be established and understood by all. Sharing these rules through discussion and prioritising will make their life easier and subsequently mine.

By splitting the learners into groups I would ask them to discuss their likes and dislikes relating to rules and regulations and prioritise them in order of importance. This will prompt discussion within the groups and provide good role modelling and expectations.
A fixed timescale for discussion would be set. Then after each group has provided their four top examples, select a spokesperson to provide their number one choice and reasons. If another group has selected the same   then the next group selects the next choice and explains their reasons, and so on. At this point there may be a need to intervene and improvise particularly if any rules/regulations that need to be stated are being overlooked, notably health and safety. Jointly they all agree on priority. This then forms additional rules and regulations that they all understand and should follow, thus providing a mutual respect for each other.

It is important to establish a set of good ground rules. Group discussions and a healthy debate will give the learner confidence to express their own views and feel comfortable in case mistakes are made. It provides a safe environment but it is also important that the teacher establishes his/her own rules...