Est1 Task 1

Social Responsibility EST1 310.2

In evaluating Company Q for social responsibility, I found that Company Q has not demonstrated favorable social responsibility. Company Q has not maximized its positive impact on stakeholders and has not remained ethical sound in their decision making.   Company Q has made some attempts at social responsibility by listening to customer requests and supplying customers with health-conscience and organic food products; however, this concession came after years of customer requests and Company Q only offers those products at a very limited quantity. Company Q has ignored other opportunities to create a positive philanthropic view of the company in the community where the company conducts business. Company Q’s decision to close two stores in high crime major metropolitan areas, failed to recognize the negative impact to the stakeholders in those neighborhoods, as a result giving a poor overall image of the corporation. Company Q opted to throw away day old food instead of donating the food to local food banks, citing worries of employee theft and loss of revenue. Both of these decisions were not based on a social responsible attitude. These decisions impact all the shareholders and stakeholder of Company Q. If Company Q continues with these actions they will risk more loss of profit.
Company Q will develop and implement a companywide ethics program. This ethics program will to given to all employees at all levels, as well as new employees hired by Company Q.   Company Q will conduct annual refresher ethics training. Company Q will continually evaluate the ethics program, with revisions and/or improvements implemented to the ethics program when the need arises. Company Q will develop and maintain a confidential monitoring system to report ethics violations. The ethics program will need to be understood by all stakeholders. The ethics program will benefit shareholders and stakeholders by developing trust within Company...