I hate to say goodbye

As much as we hate it, there are many moments in our lives where we find ourselves having to say goodbye. We say goodbye to friends and people we once knew, goodbye to places that were a huge part of our lives like high school or neighbourhoods that go hand in hand with our childhood, goodbye to people we loved and whose existence was once the reason your heart was beating, goodbye to people we were close to as death decided it was their time, and even goodbye to the person we once were.
As summer becomes fall, and fall becomes winter, and winter to spring back to summer again year after year, changes continually occur that we forces us to say that dreaded word of goodbye whether or not we are ready too leave what we had behind.
And the worst part of it all, is there are many times where we don’t really realize that we are in the midst of saying goodbye until after the moment has past and it has become a memory. I mean, think back to the last time you had to say goodbye to someone or something….at those moments it had to be surreal and some part of you didn’t want it to end…and you couldn’t believe it was ending. It was only after it all, looking back at everything, you realized a chapter of your life had finally come to a close and you were already part of a new beginning.
But what I guess I’m trying to say, is to never take any moment, any person, or anything for granted because there might be a time when you’ll have to say goodbye even when you’re not ready or expecting it. And as depressing as goodbyes are, just remember nothing really is gone because they’re a part of you through memories you keep and ingrained in who you are as a person because everything you had to say goodbye to helped you become who you are. So remember that after every goodbye, make sure you are ready to say hello to what the rest of your life brings you