Why would I benefit from this scholarship? It will allow me to go to one of the best throwing camps in the country.   At this camp I will develop my techniques in the weight, hammer, shot put, and discus.   I would benefit from this scholarship because it would allow me to get familiar with some of the best coaches in the country and their styles of training. This will help me become a better thrower and athlete.     Not only will this scholarship help me it would also help my parents. It would be one less expense that they would have to pay.   Hopefully, I will learn something that will help me succeed in future throwing competitions.
What have I done this year to deserve this scholarship? I done what Mike judge expect us to do, such as the workout and the turns for the hammer and weight. I have worked really hard to become a better thrower. I have also missed very few practices. I have shown respect for my coaches and teammates. If given this scholarship I would use this opportunity to become a better thrower.
I need this scholarship for a variety of reason. It would allow me to help my parents pay for some of my training. This scholarship will help me become better in a sport that I really enjoy. Getting better in my throwing events may give me an opportunity to go to college on a scholarship. By getting a scholarship this would give me a chance for a quality education.   By getting this good education, I will have a good chance of being successful in today‚Äôs society.