4) Did parents find time to their children after work? 4) all too often, however, the mothers arrive home exhausted and immediate task of preparing dinner, not engaging in relaxed conversation
5) What do children do at home after school while parents at work? 5) on a daily basis they return from school and unlock the door to their home with the key hanging around their necks. They are now on their own, along, in quite, empty rooms.
What do lathckey children do at home after school while parents at work?
3) how absence of the parents influences children? 3)
why mothers have been leaving the traditional role of full-time homemaker. 1
what had happened, when mothers took work outside the home? 2
1) The term is claimed to have originated from an NBC documentary in 1944, due to the phenomenon of children being left home alone during World War II, when one parent would be enlisted into the armed forces, so the other would have to get a job.
3) Personality characteristics, skills, and maturity are useful criteria for determining a child's readiness to be home alone. Phycologists say that the optimal age to leave children alone is 11-13 ages. There are some children who find it very difficult to be alone, some who need time and gradual exposure to become accustomed to being by themselves, and some who adapt easily.
2) In many communities there are activities for school age children whose parents work and cannot be at home in the afternoon. The activities available
some after school programs are based on sports and playing on teams
some children benefit from being tutored in certain subjects. Some schools have after-school homework programs
some children are interested in, or can become interested in lessons in a variety of skills, piano, other musical instruments, ballet, art, theatre/drama, choir, glee club
some gyms and health clubs have programs for young children
public libraries have film programs and clubs organized around interests or...