Stakeholder Circle™

The Stakeholder Circle™ is designed to enhance the management of a project’s stakeholder community to the benefit of the stakeholders and the project.   It incorporates a proven methodology supported by a robust, easy to use tool.

In five easy steps, the Stakeholder Circle™ helps you to:-
    - Identify your project’s stakeholders and understand their needs
    - Prioritize the stakeholders
    - Map their profile
    - Develop an engagement strategy
    - Monitor changes over time as you update and review the SH community at major change points in the project.

The Stakeholder Circle™ creates standardised and normalised data to encourage consistency in the analysis process over time and between projects.   The tool guides the project team through the methodology and is supported by a comprehensive help system.

The two key outputs from the tool are:-
    - A clear understanding of the project’s stakeholder community, who matters, who is supportive and who is against the project.
    - A communications plan designed to help build robust and meaningful relationships with the key stakeholders and influence attitudes to the benefit of the project.

All data is retained in the tool for future reference.   Over time changes in individual stakeholder’s profiles and the whole communities profile can be monitored and the communications plan updated to maximise its effectiveness.

Inputs to the system are either simple statements or weightings selected from a defined list.   Wherever weightings are used, instantaneous feedback is provided to allow the project team to validate their choice.

Stakeholder Circle™

Outputs are available at each stage of the analysis:-
    - After identification sorted lists of stakeholders and their key attributes are available for printing distributing and checking.
    - After prioritisation, the Stakeholder Circle™ maps the top 15 stakeholders and both summary and detailed, prioritised...