Esther B

English 1301
1 December 2013
Life without the Sun: Annotated Bibliography of Solar Energy
For a couple of years now, the United States economic structure has greatly fallen and needs a reliable source of energy to stay stable. Solar energy radiates light and heat from the sun, harnessing energy from the sun to make it useful to daily society. The use of solar power has increased 20 percent over the past 15 years (The Use of Solar Energy should be Increased), and at this rate it can help the U.S future grow rapidly. Solar energy is a safe natural source of energy which is beneficial not only to the economy but also to the environment itself. As the price for this source continues to fall, the higher the rate this source is purchased and used across the nation. With the high amount of government support and many manufacturing companies solar power “demand has been growing quickly” (Solar Power is Becoming More Economical). Based on the significance solar energy can do for this nation, and with how powerful it can be solar energy would be a safe alternative energy source to help decreased the importation rate of oil.
Bond, Martin. “The Use of Solar Energy Should Be Increased.” Opposing Viewpoints: Global Resources. Ed. Helen Cothran. San Diego: Greenhaven Press,2004. Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. Web. 26 November 2013.
Martin Bonds purpose of this article was to show how many countries like Europe and Japan use of solar power energy helps decrease the cost of electricity and how both countries have many solar panels in their area. Bond states that Europe hosts more solar energy projects than anywhere else on the continent. He continues on and talks about how renewable solar energy is and how it can benefit the economy. He also presents solar technologies like photovoltaic, which according to him “is fast becoming an established source of electricity.” (Bond). Martin Bond gives information on how solar energy has already became a fast growing...