Assignment 1: Research Topics with Explanation
Shantrice Johnson
ENG 215
Professor Barnett
October 20, 2013

Should sex offender registration laws be changed?
I have chosen this topic because it has a very broad overview. The sex offender category includes rapists, pedophiles, anyone who has sexual intercourse with a minor, and child molesters. All of these cases are very different and needs to be put into different elements as far as punishment and registration goes. This explanation would be targeted at victims, prosecutors, and the law. My sources are a book called Failure to Protect: America’s Sexual Predator and the Rise of the Preventive State by Eric S. Janus and an article called Sex Offender Registration Law: Time For A Change by Jessica M. Taylor.
Thesis: The sex offender registration law is very broad and should be changed.
Should minors who commit violent crimes be tried as adults?
I have chosen this topic because anyone who commits a crime should be punished to the severity of the crime and age should not be a factor. Many people choose to show mercy when it comes to crimes committed by children such as murder. The same crimes could be committed by an 18 year old and no mercy would be showed. When a crime is committed, it should be dealt with accordingly. This explanation would be most targeted at prosecutors. My credible sources would be an article called Teens Should Absolutely Be Tried As Adults When They Commit Adult Crimes by John H. Roen and a book called Boys Among Men: Trying and Sentencing Juveniles As Adults by David L. Myers.
Thesis: Anyone who commits a crime should be punished by the severity of the crime and not by age.
Should DUI laws be changed?
I have chosen this topic because driving under the influence affects more than just the driver and passengers. The laws regarding DUI’s are lenient and that should never be. The law shouldn’t wait to have zero tolerance. We need to take action from the beginning. First offenders...