Samuel Engulu
Mrs. Hall
English II
The Great Gatsby Socratic Seminar Questions
Questions/Answers over Nick:
1. How did Nick feel when Gatsby and Tom were arguing in the plaza about Daisy’s love?
Answer: He felt very uncomfortable. He was also surprised how quickly the tension escalated.
2. Why is it that Nick and Gatsby got along and became good friends?
Answer: They were neighbors and the fact that Nick knew Daisy also is what mad Gatsby want to interact with Nick.
3. Why did Nick not party and drink like the rest of the people in Jay Gatsby’s parties?
Answer: He was not raised that way. He only got drunk twice his whole life. He is not used to that.
4. How did Nick feel when he saw the size of his small house compared to the mansion of Gatsby?
Answer: He felt ashamed. He was okay with it as time went on though.
Questions/Answers over Gatsby:
1. Why does Gatsby become crazy about Daisy?
Answer: He loved her deeply and he never wanted to be separated from her. He became crazier because he could never find her after all the huge parties he hosted himself.
2. Did Gatsby truly deserve to die?
Answer: No, because he never did anything wrong and was wrongly accused of a crime he never did.
3. Why does Gatsby make sure his house is near Daisy’s house?
Answer: He wants to be near her and so that she can quickly hear about all the riches he has gained and so they could reunite again.
4. How come Gatsby never really got along with Tom?
Answer: He feels jealousy and hatred toward him for marrying Daisy. He realizes that Tom is not really who Daisy truly loves with her whole heart.
Questions/Answers over Daisy:
1. How does Daisy feel when Gatsby and Tom fight over her in the Plaza?
Answer: She feels ashamed and scared at the fact that the truth was revealed at that time.
2. Did Daisy ever have a hint that Gatsby was having huge parties at his mansion?
Answer: No because if she had any idea, she would have definitely visited him.
3. Why does...