Nicholas Carr in his article “Is Google Make Us Stupid'” discusses the how internet impact on our thinking, reading, writing habits and how our brains react to adopt to the new technolgy. He   is also believes the Internet is the reason why many people including himself is now unable to read books   and also facing a hard time to concentrating a read long text book and being able to stay.

  the first part of the article, Nicholas Carr argues about the uses of internet, by the search engines   on google how its affected our reading and writing habits. For example, with in a one minuteWe used to cogitate, analyze over and over before coming up with a verdict. Nowadays, within one minute searching with the Google toolbars, the great databases of the Internet will immediately bring the information to us. the printed books its   is also very easy   throug the use of Internet. In other hand,writing becomes a real challenge   for us and a writer too because we spend too much time on the media society. However,   thats not easy to our brains   let Internet easily control our minds by reacting to   adapt to the “new tecnology”. He is also strictly criticize   in his article,the day human will become more “machineslike” as a use of google and its high-technology toolbars and eventhough no one realize that. His best example author used   in the beginning of the article with a description of the closing scene in Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey when Dave dismantles the memory circuits of Hal, the artificial brain that controls the space ship.
        Carr also mentions an historical example involving Nietzsche's usage of a typewriter, a fairly new technology in the 1880s. According to   Nietzsche's writing styles changed when he started using a typewriter, which he had adopted because of his developing difficulty with writing by hand due to failing eyesight. However, it was the best invansion, but still how badly that writing equipment takespart in the forming of our...