Part I
Who am I?

My color is gold. Everything runs a certain way for a good reason. I strongly believe in systems, procedures, rules and standards. “If at isn’t broke don’t fix it”.   I am also an owl, a wise bird that likes to resolve conflict. I like to confront all conflicts and lay everything on the table. I also have a BOLD communication style. I am very direct and like to get to the point. I am independent, free and practical. This is who I am.
My color is gold with green as a close second. Be gold I am careful, cautious, through, and accurate in all I do. Structure, order and discipline are not strangers in my life. I am very organized and neat. I arrive at my appointments early and come very prepared. I make list and check them off as I finish them. I know what I want in life and set goals to accomplish what I want. I also believe in an education to secure a job for the future, I save my money and take good care of my possessions. I have a need to be useful and want to be self-sufficient. I value order and organization and I measure worth by completion. Work always comes before play. Some words that describe the gold in me would be reliable, responsible, consistent, organized, stable, cooperative, sensible, structured, solid, and conservative.   I always have a plan in place before I start a project and try to follow it to the letter.   I strive to pull my own weight and lend a hand in everything I do. I am always counted on to finish my task and I never procrastinate.   If someone needs something done they always ask me because I am always the responsible one.
When I veer away from my gold personality I sometimes let the green come out in me.   More than anything I what knowledge, every time I hear something I don’t know about I always look up information about it. I took apart my radio when I was a kid and accumulated information and technical proficiency. I really enjoy an intriguing discussion, but please don’t bore me with stating the obvious or...