Hold a university-wide event

Nowadays, in the university, students only study their own knowledge; they almost don’t know general knowledge of other majors and students in different faculties are lack of communication. Before we started this report, we did a survey on the campus, at the results of the survey; we found that 65% of students think a university-wide event at the end of every semester is necessary. Therefore, the university needs to hold a university-wide event to unite all the students and teachers in different majors at the end of each semester.

Table 1. Do you agree to hold a university-wide event at the end of each semester?

The university-wide event should have a powerful advertising. Firstly, each semester should have one community to undertake the event as the leader. In the advertising stage, the leader community should make various posters and post them at everywhere on the campus. These posters can attract many students to take part in the events as the volunteers and cause other student’s attention, let more and more students know the event. Moreover, the undertaker can communicate with lecturers in different faculties and hope the lecturers can help them to advertise the event before they start lectures. Another good way to propagandize the event is distributing leaflets to passers. The volunteers can hand out the leaflets to passers on the campus and explain the details about the event to the interested people. In order to attract more and more international students, the volunteers can introduce the event to the international students actively.

The preparing stage is following by the advertising stage. The aim of preparing stage is to unite students in different faculties and majors and use their different knowledge to prepare the event. The marketing students can do the market research and collect data that can reflect the general students’ wish and opinions. Moreover, the international business students...