District 9 shows the feeling of belonging through a very sharp sense of rejection and not belonging. The ‘Prawns’ are cast out of society because the physical differences and the lifestyles of the aliens is too different than that of humans that compatibility between the races is too hard. The humans felt as though (generally) the aliens did not belong. This was only a general feeling though because, as shown through the film, certain groups of people are seen to be associating with the aliens very well and a sense of belonging is portrayed. This might be a façade but the lifestyles of the humans that are interacting with the aliens is a lot more similar to the aliens so a common factor is what joins the two groups.
This alienation of the aliens can be seen as a means of self protection for humans. They don’t feel comfortable with the ‘prawns’ around so they force them away and alienate them (shown through NO ALIENS signs and various anti-alien campaigns)
A personal sense of belonging is not found for the aliens on earth. Only a temporary substitute of what can be called personal belonging is found. It is evident that some aliens want to

The rejection portrayed in district 9 brings along with it a great sorrow and disgust as the aliens are forced out of the places that they find familiar and, some being killed in the process, are put into concentration camps. “Is this your runt here? Do you have a permit for him? He’s going to live in a 1 by 1 box. Is that what you want?” how we see in the film that these houses that they have built for themselves are seen as their own is through the personalization that the aliens do inside their houses