Dear Friend Tubal ,
        I am writing this letter to you fairly angry, to let you know how I’m doing, reason being because you are my dear friend. The little news that reaches me here is resplendent with tales of love. I am told that at Belmont, the palace of that fair and gentle Portia, love reigns; such perfect and ideal love. The love of husband and wife, Portia and Bassanio. Bassanio wants to win Portia’s heart but to do so he has to play the part and to do that he needs money. He has asked me to give him three thousand ducats for three months and Antonio will be the sign of the loan. Which he needs to stand a chance to win his hearts’ prize. True, I heard in his voice his hatred with which he treats a Jew, but, what's the news in that! As I have said, I do not lend out of love, but out of calculation. But my calculating mind knew that his coffers were empty. On his own, I would have refused him without a second thought. But, and such a small word for such a great consequence, he then assured me that Antonio would stand surety. I told him that in the spirit of friendship I would forsake all interest and, should the debt not be met, merely ask for a pound of his flesh. Of course, I knew that this would mean his death; what I did not realise was that I was staking my life as well. But before he can marry lady Portia he needs to choose between the gold, silver and lead casket. In order to win he need to choose the right casket which contain a portrait of Portia. In the meantime, my daughter Jessica eloped with a Christian and took on his religion. This event compounded my desire for vengeance to that which I felt toward that Christian-merchant Antonio. To my surprise my daughter also took jewellery which was at least worth two thousand ducats.   In the end Antonio robbed me. He robbed me of all my money. The way he stole it was un-Christian like, they stole it with
Deceit, they stole it in the name of love, they stole it in the name of their Lord; and I was a...