Q1A. A person who carries   a sunbed licence must ensure that the owner of the premises should not attempt to offer persons under the age of 18 nor should they authorise the use of the sunbed to them.1(b) Sunbed Regulations Act 2010 this   meaning the premises to which the person carrying the licence control or is in their management except where those premises are used as a person’s residential home.
The business must also ensure that no person under 18 years of   age enters a restricted zone, section 1(c) Sunbed Regulations Act   2010 this meaning any part of the business premises that are reserved for people who use the sun bed’s.
If the business keeps their sunbed’s in a whole or partly enclosed space such as a separate room, booth or a cubicle that it reserves for people who use the sunbed then every part of that   reserved space is a restricted zone.
For A person aged under 18 years old is only allowed in a restricted   zone if they are providing a   service for example working or contracted to help for that   business.

Q1B. If the person carrying on a sunbed licence fails to abide by the law and allows a person under 18 years of age to   be offered the use of a sunbed, this will be considered an offence and if convicted as a result   will be liable to pay a fine not exceeding £20,000.   This will also apply for persons under 18 years of age that enter a restricted zone under Section 1(5) Sunbed Regulations Act   2010.   If   the person offered did not go through with the treatment for example if it did not work or they changed their mind the persecution will still be in play and therefore considered   an offence. If the owner of the   business   can prove they took all required measures and applied   due diligence in avoiding the described , then the charges will be invalid and will have a strong defence under Section 1(7)   Sunbed Regulations Act 2010.

There is an exemption for medical treatment, section 3 Sunbed   Regulations Act 2010 the use of a sunbed only...