Alcoholic drinks, in today’s society, have become an accepted part of social life. However, when alcohol is mixed with driving, catastrophic things can happen . In fact, 1 in 5 fatal accidents on our roads are related to alcohol. Is our government doing enough to prevent people from drink driving ? Each week, around 11 people die from driving above the legal limit and a further 300 people are injured.

The current legal limit is 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood. According to the law, driving with this amount of alcohol can mean 12-18 months disqualification or up to 6 months imprisonment, this in my opinion lenient sentences in the European Union .In Europe there are anti-drink driving campaigns and lots of education on the effects of alcohol are the reason for the high standards of driving and the low alcohol related crashes on the road .

In my opinion, that is the type of approach Britain should be taking to combat drink driving. More police and more frequent breathalysing would target the offenders, who fall into the category of 17-24 year old males, while a higher amount and standard of drugs and alcohol education for 11-16 year olds would put off future drivers to reconsider driving while intoxicated.

The government seems to be doing little to combat the issue. I do accept that some politicians call for the limit to be reduced to 50mg/100ml. This is a more used limit in   Europe and is far more acceptable. This limit is put in place in a number of places such as Holland, Finland, Austria, France and Germany this limit has made the deaths and serious injuries have been recorded. Holland, for example, which has had a 50mg limit for over 20 years, has a much lower rate of alcohol related road deaths the UK, 1 in 15 (7%) compared with 1 in 5 (20%). In 1995, Great Britain had 540 alcohol related road deaths while Holland had only 87. This limit reduction to 50mg has also been enforced outside of the EU.

In Australia, lowering the...