“Music is what feelings sound like.” Discuss.

Rewrite it into a question:
How does music sound like feelings?

Contention: (an answer in one sentence)
Music changes everything and everyone, whatever you are in different feelings, music can be described them.

    Everyone has different feelings like happy, sad, nervous, worried and angry etc, which emotions can provide by different sounds from our body. Apart from the sounds of our body, do you know music is what feelings sound like as well? Firstly, music is an art from whose medium is sound. Therefore, emotion is so suitable to being described by music and which is played rather than the instrumentation. Different instruments can play different styles and feelings, but different kinds of instruments can be played in different ways, it just depends what on the piece and how you act. In this essay, I will share my idea of music is what feelings sound like.

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    Do you think feelings can be described through music? Music is an art form in sound; it can change people’s moods immediately. It can challenge you in many ways, for example in thought, experience, wisdom, love, passion and hope which can inspire you as powerfully as lifting you to another world. Music has an incredible power of invoking emotions like happiness, joy, sadness, anger or even anxiety. For every emotion, there should be a melody or song to accompany it. Therefore, music definitely is a way of expressing your feelings or emotions that cannot be shared with others in words.

    In this essay, I will share my opinion of music is what feelings sound...