Firstly this assignment will review the role and responsibilities of a teacher, showing how teaching in   adult education differ from school experience.   The essay will then move on to discussing and showing boundaries teachers can face.
The role of a teacher involves many factors, it not as straight forward as some people may think.   The responsibilities and duties of a teacher are many and varied.   Teachers act as facilitators for encouraging intellectual and social development of a student life.
Leaman, (2008) chapter 1 (pg 11) states that teaching is all about communication. Our role involves imparting knowledge, giving instructions, building relationships, managing social behaviour.
It cannot be argued that the duties and responsibilities of a teacher will always remain the same. Where the role of an adult tutor is concerned this varies, this particular job role could be branched out into various fields of teaching.   These are a few that are most common in adult teaching:
  * Coaching
  * Trainer
  * Assessor
  * Instructor
Below is a list that highlights the responsibilities of a teacher.
  * A teacher should continue to learn relevant professional education and training to understand the right concepts and learn new ways of teaching.
  * Accept it’s important to become a partner in the learning cycle with your students.
  * Accept that no two students will think, act and react alike, and to respect their diversity.
  * Avoid indulging in unethical behaviour, and at all times maintain the dignity teacher-student relation.
Teaching is a profession that you are always learning something occasionally on a day to day basis.
A teacher should be able to describe strategies; this will enable the teacher to identify how each individual learner learns.   the role of a teacher is to create effective and stimulating opportunities for learning through   teaching that enables the development and progression of all learners, role of a teacher in...