Jordan Day
History 102
Exam #1
Question #I
Louis XIV moved the capitol to Versailles. The reason he did this was to show his power. The reason he did this was to show his authority. He wants to be looked upon and seen as a powerful king. Moving the capitol to the beautiful city of Versailles showed this. This is the domestication of nobility. Louis XIV believed in and mercantilism. If it is done correctly, it would help their economy out. He worked on international studies such as tapestry. It never was fully established. When it came to exporting goods Louis set patronages on all the goods. The goods had a standard they had to pass. He did not want bad goods being exported because he did not want to make France look bad.

Question #II
Peter the Great westernized Russia in many different ways. He did this by making boyars work. The nobility used to never have to do anything but Peter the great changed that. He forced them to build homes in St. Petersburg. He would use torture, if they did not like this. He made them dress normally by wearing pants and dresses. He would also make everyone cut their beards, shave their whiskers, and cut their clothes. Peasants were also affected by Peter the great. He created an army of 300,000 men. Once they were enlisted, they would never get out of the army. They also got branded so they were easy to track down. If he saw anyone that wasn’t following his rules, he taxed them. He raised taxes five hundred percent. He was able to get exports to rise, made schools, put together military and manufactured goods. In conclusion this is how Peter the great changed Russia and made it more westernized.

Question #III
Charles I was going into war so he needed money. He created a parliament to raise the money he needed for war. Parliament presents only parliament can raise taxes. So he had to raise taxes illegally such as “ship money”. The English law says it gave the prerogative to parliament to levy taxes and raise armies but...