Behind Every Man is a Greater

    Shakespeare’s work is indescribable! He wrote plays with great imagination. Some of his idea’s came from his friends telling stories to him.

    The time period that Shakespeare was around was not the greatest period. That period is around 16th& 17th century. His stories were loved by the people. They wanted more and more of his stories. He started small then gradually got bigger and more popular.

  ‘Macbeth’ was written with great style Shakespeare was really creative with his imagination. Shakespeare wrote some plays with gory scene because he knew it would please King James the 1st. Shakespeare wrote plays for people with Royal connections back then it was believed that Kings & Queens were chosen by God.

    ‘Macbeth’ in the different ways has changed our thinking and that of the 17th century’s audience. How you ask?   Well for one the women these days! Women have more respect. Women have more strength they stand up for them selves. They have ambitions to achieve. If not for ‘Macbeth’ we would probably not have any laws. People would not get punished for their crimes.

    Between (1533-1603) Queen Elizabeth time period people were interested in idea of witchcraft. That’s probably why Shakespeare used the witches in ‘Macbeth.’ The witch’s prophecy leads to Macbeth to his insane rule over Scotland. All the madness happened because Macbeth listened to the witches.

  At the start of the play Lady Macbeth starts to out really powerful in her relationships with her husband. When Lady Macbeth got the letter Macbeth showed a great sign of respect by saying “My dearest partner of greatness.” That shows that he has a lot of respect for her because of her power and it shows that they are both equal. Lady Macbeth would feel great about that because back then Ladies had no respect they were just to be at home, and do house work.

    If you look at the beginning of the play you can see how much...