Directions for Writing the Essay of Introduction for your Portfolio
Part One
Introduce yourself.   Describe your goals for the future. What careers are you interested in?   How much college do you want to attend?   Discuss any factors which helped influence you to make these career and educational choices.
Part Two
Discuss your career as a student.   What classes have you taken that were particularly challenging to you? What made them challenging?   In which class did you gain the most satisfaction from your work? What academic areas are most interesting to you?   Also, discuss any classes you have taken outside of school, such as: exercise classes; classes at church; classes at C.O.S.; community classes.   How did these classes contribute to your education?
Part Three
Discuss all activities you have participated in during your high school years.   These can be in clubs and organizations, which are in or out of school.   What community services projects have you done?   What work experience do you have?   Do you have any hobbies, sporting interest or collections?   What have all these activities and awards contributed to making you the person you are?

Sample Personal Statement (Autobiography)
Many applications will ask you to attach a personal statement of your education and career goals (including reasons for your choice of college and career goal).   You will need to provide information about yourself that you feel will be helpful in determining your eligibility to receive a scholarship.   See the following for ideas on writing your personal statement.   Your personal statement should not be longer than 1-½ pages in length.

Tips on Writing a Personal Statement
1st Paragraph Start by introducing yourself.   Share information about you, your family/home life, special influences and work experiences.   If you have not had any work experiences, it may be helpful to explain why.

2nd Paragraph School performance:   Discuss your...