Shelly Lim
April 22, 2015

  1. I think he is a brave and courageous man that feels confident enough to go past Scylla and Charybdis, but not a good leader. He should’ve thought of his sailors and tried to avoid the risk of getting eaten by the two monsters, but he took the route anyway. Even though the sailors were destined to die, I think it was merciless of him to risk such things.
  2. Odysseus’s man finally disobeyed his order because of Eurylochus’s persuasive speech.   Also, I think the thing that made the sailors challenge Odysseus’s order the most was the fact that they had to obey him no matter what the whole time. They were tired enough and probably didn’t see the cow as much of a threat, which is partly Odysseus’s fault for not being able to keep them away.
  3. I do blame the gods a little because it was kind of their fault for not being able to keep up with their things and pouring down all kinds of punishments just because they were angry. But, it was also Odysseus’s fault and responsibility for not being able to keep his sailors away and look after them, being too confident of the situation he was in.
  4. Helios threatens the god that he would give the light to Hades’ dead men. The gods grant his wish of destroying Odysseus’s men because Helios is the sun god and if the light goes to the hands of Hades, then there will be no light available in the   world above Underworld.