To secure a teaching position

Summary of Qualifications

    • Flexible and adaptable to changing environment
    • Supportive team player, dynamic leadership skills
    • Innovative, creative and work well independently in a diverse setting
    • Positive attitude with good interpersonal skills
    • Good organizational and time management skills
    • Capable of working under pressure and meeting deadlines
    • Good computer skills: MS Word, Excel and Power Point
    • Certified by Ontario College of Teachers

Professional Experience and skills

Educational Planning and Assessment
    • Prepared, administered and corrected English and Social Studies subject tests, showing academic progress of students and highlighting strengths and weaknesses in order to identify all issues and ensure children were catered to.
    • Reviewed homework with a class of 40 students which helped to increase their comprehension and thorough understanding of the topic.
    • Identified learning styles and behavioural issues of children to implement remedial programs resulting in better class management.

Leadership and Supervisory Skills
    • Supervised and trained 50-member team of teachers at a time to refresh their knowledge and upgrade their skills for the new curriculum.
    • Maintained records of all work which includes lesson plans, curriculum, method of assessment and academic grades, electronically and submitted monthly statements within the deadline.

Classroom Teaching
    • Motivated a class of 40 students to work at optimum levels while maintaining a comfortable creative environment.
    • Helped the students to keep clear perspective of goals to be accomplished.
    • Guided students with individual attention to broaden an understanding of personal learning through practical training.
    • Created weekly lessons with a variety of subject matters and media in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional projects.
    • Taught...