Essay Plan

* 6 body paragraphs, introduction and conclusion
  * Integrated response
  * Find elements to compare and contrast
  * Introduce topic (poetry across time, been around for centuries)
  * Introduce poem, poets, ages of the poems, and connecting themes
  * Explain how both poems have dealt with the theme of love and explain their differences.
  * Explain what you will focus on.
Body Paragraph 1
  * Why sonnets were written.
  * Topic sentence that establishes ideas and themes. (1 idea/paragraph)
  * Introduce historical context of poem and how love was dealt with this historical context.
Body Paragraph 2
  * Introduce historical context of poem 2 (era of poem etc.)
  * Compare context of poem 1 to poem 2.
Body Paragraph 3
  * Structure of poem (rhyming pattern etc.) and how love could influence this
Body Paragraph 4
  * Structure of poem 2 etc.
  * Compare to poem 1.
Body Paragraph 5
  * Introduce ideas about love and techniques poet has used.
  * How poet uses imagery and techniques to create mood, represent ideas, suggest characters, create setting etc.
  * How poetic device, alliteration, assonance etc, are used for particular effect.
Body Paragraph 6
  * Introduce ideas for poem 2 etc.
  * Compare ideas and techniques from poem 1 and 2.
  * Use quotes etc.

Body Paragraph 7
  * Describe how particular aspects of language reflect society in which the poem was written in terms of the context.
  * Quotes, explanations etc.
Body Paragraph 8
  * Describe aspects of language etc. in second poem.
  * Compare to poem 1.
  * Sum up all ideas
  * Do not rewrite introduction

  * Suggest how the structure reflects topics and how it is reflected by the tome period.
  * Make sure you explain techniques and give examples to how it shapes meaning for the audience.
  * Suggest how the structure shapes meaning and love.