Essay on the Impact of Movies in India

Essay on the Impact of Movies in India
When we enter a classroom we see the teacher using visual aids to teach the children in her/his class. Why do we use visual aids for teaching? Are the lectures of the teachers not enough for the taught to understand what is being explained? The answer is simple, yes, the lectures of the teachers are not enough.
Instead of lectures, or to provide any aid to teaching, the method of visual aids is used in teaching. This is because, visual picture leaves a lasting imprint on the children, they understand it better, and are able to remember it also for a longer time.
Thus, when we talk of the impact of cinema in India we are trying to understand and analyze what the effect of cinema is on the viewers. Since it is very well accepted that visual has a great impact not only on children but even on the adult mind, though to a limited extent. However, this impact is more applicable and visible in the young and the unlettered people.
This is because; the young have an immature mind and can be influenced by what they see very easily. On the unlettered adult also the impact is obvious and, this is because he does not know the facts and can be influenced by whatever he sees. He does not have an analytical mind so, he thinks what he sees is just the right thing to do.
Thus the picture of the cinema screen is seen to have an indelible mark on the young and the unlettered. With this backdrop, the producers and directors of films have a greater responsibility for producing clean and meaningful pictures. However, this is not happening and that is why we see the scenes of the cinema halls being experimented in real life by the two categories just mentioned.
The effect of the cinema’s trash is being rediscovered by the children and the lower categories of our population. Once they are out of the hall, they try to recollect what all they saw and try it out in their own lives. The cinema is teaching the two very important things which are...