Essay on Lord of the Flies

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Through my iop presentation i will be presenting the characteristics background and context of the play, look back in anger
Look Back in Anger was a strongly autobiographical piece based on Osborne's unhappy marriage to actress Pamela Lane and their life. Look Back in Anger (1956) is a John Osborne play is about a love triangle involving an intelligent and educated but disaffected young man of working class origin (Jimmy Porter), his upper-middle-class, impassive wife (Alison), and her haughty best friend (Helena Charles). Look Back in Anger is considered one of the most important plays in the modern British theatre. It was the first well-known example of "Kitchen Sink drama," a style of theatre that explored the emotion and drama beneath the surface of ordinary domestic life. Jimmy Porter, the play's main character, became the model for the "Angry Young Man," a nickname given to an entire generation of artists and working class young men in post-World War II British society. The cultural backdrop to the play is the rise and fall of the British Empire. The beginning of the nineteenth century saw the peak of power and influence of British colonialism. By the 1950's, two World Wars, which devastated the British economy, and the rise of the United States as the new world military and political power meant that the British Empire had entered a steep decline.
The play opens with a description of the setting and the scene. Act I takes place on an evening in April. The setting is the Porter’s attic apartment. It is a small room with simple, sparse furniture.
There are 5 characters in the play:
Jimmy porter
Helena Charles
Colonel Redfern

Jimmy Porter
Jimmy Porter is the play's main character. He is the "Angry Young Man" who expresses his frustration for the lack of feelings in his placid domestic life. Jimmy can be understood as both a hero for his unfiltered expressions of emotion and frustration in a culture that...