Essay on Complementary Therapy

PART A (Individual):
  1. Develop a research question
Investigate the effectiveness of complementary therapies in maximising the quality of care in cancer patients.
  2. Conduct a literature review to address the research question
See attached article.
  3. Choose one article and provide an annotated bibliography for that article
Complementary therapies are increasingly integrated into mainstream cancer programs and centres. As opposed to alternative therapies, which are used in place of conventional treatment, complementary therapies are utilized in conjunction with standard treatments and consist of non-invasive therapies. Complementary therapies include massage therapy, which has long been used to reduce tension, anxiety, and pain in various populations including cancer patients; Acupuncture - an important component of traditional Chinese medicine, mind-body therapies like yoga; meditation and hypnosis; as well as music therapy to evoke latent emotions (Cassileth B; Heitzer M; Gubili J; 2008).
  4. For this same article each student is to undertake a critical analysis
  a. Outline the purpose of the research
The purpose of this research is to inform readers about how some complementary therapies can maximise the wellbeing and quality of life for cancer patients as well as providing information and statistics about the harmful side of undertaking complementary therapies such as acupuncture, massage therapy, mind-body therapy and music therapy. Letting the reader understand the effectiveness as well as the side effect of complementary therapies (Cassileth B; Heitzer M; Gubili J; 2008).
  b.   Identify the research methodology
This research article used both qualitative and quantitative research method; statistics that the author has collected from varies place such as publications, online or even from investigations that they have conducted for the research; and observations and reviews of changes on patients undergoing different therapies are all...