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Question 1

Describe how you will develop and enhance your communication abilities and skills in the future.

History has shown that mankind was able to advance and evolve only by being able to communicate with others. Through communication, people were able to work together for common goals that were beneficial to all. This is the basis upon which communities were formed and societies followed. Today it is easy to see that all breakthroughs that have transformed our lives have been achieved through well coordinated team work. Such complex team work would not have been possible if effective communication was not an integral part of the process. In this paper, I shall discuss the role and importance of communication in the business world and from that, describe a plan of how I can develop and enhance such skills.

The Communication skill is characterized by the ability to transfer a message, thoughts, and visions and at the same time understand different points of view. To ensure the effectiveness of a communication process: sender, message, receiver, feedback ("Communication process," 2011), the parties involved must have the ability to address information clearly; to create a strong bond of trust with the those involved by protecting the confidentiality of the information; and to listen to what is being said and understand it. These represent the key elements of communication; and without them, the process of communication is interrupted.   According to Forster (2011), “through various media of communication, companies all over the world make decisions that affect millions of people; the activities of thousands of employees are organized; complex management systems are coordinated, and the success or failure of businesses are determined”.   Accordingly, to be able to communicate effectively in a certain environment or workplace, one will have to focus heavily on...