Essay on Art

In class I have studied Peter Chang and Jack Cunningham’s work. This essay will compare the different styles of jewellery between them and how they handle their materials and influences.
Peter Chang a British Contemporary Jewellery artist/designer known for working in manmade plastic. He was born and raised in Liverpool in 1944 to a British mother and a Chinese seaman.
Peter works with jewellery and sculpture but he prefers to be labelled as a jeweller or a sculpture and he tends not to name his art work. His brooches and bangles are easily recognised due to their striking sculpture forms. At Liverpool Art School he studied sculpture, art and graphic design.
After college Chang later travelled to London and Paris, In Paris Chang worked with a famous surrealist and abstract printmaker called Stanley William Hayter. As a student Chang was influenced by Chinese Philosophy and surrealism, he likes to create work that express his own ideas and he would rather his viewers have their own opinions on what the pieces are about and therefore doesn’t name them.

This Ring by Peter Chang is a good example of his chunky asymmetrical jewellery design.

Approximately 8 x 4.5 cm, this is a bold design worn on top of the index finger or on the index finger hanging off the side of the finger.
The materials used are small gold balls, gold leaf and acrylic. This is a mixture of traditional jewellery materials and modern light weight plastics.
It is a colourful design and the contrast between the primary colours red and blue to the metallic gold effect are quite loud. This ring attracts me to it due to these bold colours, variety of textures and the unusual 3-D shape of the ring. Due to the larger size of the ring and the different surfaces makes me feel the overall form suggests a decorative snails shell.
The gold leaf in three areas of the ring has been made to look like a mosaic effect, underneath is gold leaf broken into pieces made to look like a mosaic. This is...