Essay on Alcoholism in Nairobi

    According to Oxford Dictionary, alcohol is a colorless volatile flammable liquid which is the intoxicating constituent of wine, beer, spirits and other drinks and is also used as an industrial solvent and as fuel.
    Consumption according to the Advanced Learners Dictionary it is defined as the act of buying and using products. Bringing this two together alcohol consumption according to my understanding is the buying of alcohol and using it to gain utils of satisfaction.

    Alcohol contains several organic chemical compounds. The one type of chemical compound that is suitable for human consumption is referred to as ethyl alcohol or ethanol. It is produced by fermentation.
    History of alcohol according to http://www.drug-rehabs .org/ alcohol history.php says distilled spirits have origins in China and India about 800 BC. Beer drinking dates back to Babylonians in the 8th and 9th century BC.
    According to Wikipedia, Nairobi is the largest city of Kenya and is the most populated city East and Central Africa with a population of about 3million; according to 2009 census.

    According to an online research, I found out that the earlier one starts engaging in alcohol mostly in underage drinking will act as a pointer on how one’s later life will be on alcohol abuse and dependency.
    Women especially those who are divorced and separated will tend to abuse alcohol more. Most women are between age 26 and 34 while binge drinking among women happens between the age 18 and 25.
Male drinkers take five or more per sitting while female drinkers take four or more per sitting.

According to has brought motives of consumption and given two reasons:-
  1. To cope with stress-: “you can never find the answer in a bottle” Pastor Kanga said during an interview. 2 out of...