Essay- Music

Assignment: Essay- Listening Habits Survey

Music has been described as the true universal language of humanity, through which we describe our hopes, dreams, and heartaches across cultures.   Objectively it is the combination of audible wavelengths of sound into pleasing patterns and rhythms.   Subjectively it is the most common and easily accessible form of creative self-expression in our daily lives.   It pervades almost every moment of our public existence, coming from background music in restaurants, to concerts in bars and venues, to blaring car stereos, and everywhere in between.   However, it’s pervasiveness pales in comparison to its variety.   The songs that have been written throughout time number in the untold millions, and the various forms and genres they are written in are nearly as numerous.

Just in the time I was actively listening to the music around me I heard more genres than I can count, but one in particular dominated.   The first song I recorded hearing was Coldplay’s “Clocks” in a local coffee shop.   Although in their current form they are probably not classified as “indie”, Coldplay was once an example of that now popular genre of music, and “Clocks” is a fine example of classic indie rock.   There were many other indie rock songs in this coffee shop’s playlist and, if I think back, in many other coffee shops as well.   And since coffee shops in the northwest seem to represent an accurate cross-section of society here as a whole, I can infer that indie music is a very popular music choice among many people.

So what does that say about Northwest American culture?   What is it in the indie genre that so well represents the tastes of people here?   Perhaps it resonates with the individualistic spirit of Americans everywhere, or maybe people are subconsciously drawn to what indie music truly represents; a taking back of popular music by everyday people without access to million dollar studios and who are more willing to take creative...