Essay Mitosis

Checkpoint: Mitosis and Meiosis
Mitosis and Meiosis are both equally important processes. Mitosis is the process of eukaryotic cells separating chromosomes within the nucleus to form two nuclei. This process is repeated over and over in order to create new cells necessary for growth. Organisms need mitosis in order to grow or replace damaged cells. For example, of a person has damaged or dead cells, the process of Mitosis would occur in order to replace those cells that were damaged or needed to be replaced. In some instances, Mitosis occurs in organisms that are in need of growth. Without this process, an organism would not have the potential to grow in size, or density.
Meiosis is the process of cellular division in which the numbers of chromosomes containing DNA are cut in half and multiply. Chromosomes containing DNA information multiply and continue to do so spreading unique patterns and chains of DNA throughout the organism. Meiosis is needed for sexual reproduction in organisms. This may result in offspring or spores, but whatever the case without the process of meiosis, the reproduction and replacement of dead organisms would not occur.
Without the process of Mitosis and Meiosis, growth and creation would not be possible. These two processes are responsible for the growth of new organisms, growth of existing organisms and the circle of life. If the process of Meiosis specifically were to stop, mankind would cease to exist. It is the process that is responsible for sexual reproduction within humans. Should meiosis stop, the death of existing mankind would end human existence, and the death of any other living organisms would be the end of that organism’s production and existence.