Essay Letter

Hi Instructor,

After I seen the comments that you left on my written document, I knew that I had left out simple mistakes. If I had taken the proper time to reread over the paper slowly and not been in such a rush I would have noticed that my paper wasn’t double spaced. For my revision I know that I need to work on my grammar. I find myself a lot of time’s putting words where they don’t need to be and it throw an audience off and not want to finish your work. One of my revisions for the final draft will be providing a proper thesis statement. I am not good at writing thesis statements. I find myself getting confused and not knowing just where to place them. I need to work more on my thought process for my paper as well. I am not one that can write down or preplan out the steps for my paper. I just like to free write and go with the flow and then I correct my mistakes afterwards. I find it hard to do the main ideas and and supporting ideas. It slows down my thinking process and it makes writing uninteresting for me.
To make this essay my best piece of writing I need to devote a lot of time to it and make sure that I know that I did the best I could do meaning researching how to write a thesis statement, looking at papers that have thesis statements within them, looking more closely at idea maps and how to outline papers. Taking the time to learn more about your craft makes you a even better writer and learner. I have to think about all the good deeds that I have done for people at this certain point in my life and years before. I need to think about what I am going to do better in the future.
For my introduction paragraph, I can state my thesis and then provide facts to go along with it. I first have to know what my thesis is. In the body paragraphs, I can relate to the topic a little more. I can take out excess words and information that doesn’t belong and provide my own true stories and true accounts from friends and families. I can add more information to make...