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All Aussie Adventures Writing Essay

The television show All Aussie Adventures is a spoof on the original outback genre. It takes all information from an outback T.V show and transforms it into a hilarious comedy. Glenn Robings plays the main character Russel Coight who takes the role of an outback “expert” and a tough man. Russel Coight   tries his best to give good tips and handy instructions to surviving in the outback. Though, somehow Russel Coight’s plans never turn out like he expected them and he is always either left with a big problem or pain. All of Russel Coight’s   dialogue, appearance and actions make this T.V show an comical view.
The dialogue used by Russel Coight is often very funny and always turns out to make him look like a fool. An outback expert is supposed to be a guide, whom people rely on, to give important tips and information. Though Coight however uses a very serious tone but gives useless and completely untrustworthy tips. For instance when he tries to explain how many litres you need to survive in the outback, he says “ I never go into the outback without a general supply of water and what you need is 3 litres per day per person, per man per degree over 25 degrees Celsius, per kilometre   IF walking on foot. In the winter months dividing it by 2 plus ... ... ... ... ... ... ... another litre at the end” which totally doesn’t make any sense and is so confusing but it is funny because we know it doesn’t make sense and Russel Coight is trying to sound smart and like he knows what he’s doing ( which we know is NOT true).
Russel Coight thinks he’s an expert in the bush, so he dresses just as an outbacker would, including the Akubra hat. You would think that an expert in the bush with years of experience, his hat would be dirty, messy, and untidy with holes BUT Russel Coight’s hat is always neat, tidy and perfect. It looks like it is brand new. This is funny because you know any REAL outbacker’s hat wouldn’t be so tidy.
The actions of...