Essay Discovery- China Coin

English speech — discovery
Have you ever discovered something about yourself or the ones around you? Good morning/afternoon teachers and students. Individuals make discoveries as they embark on the journeys of their lives. Be it physical or spiritual, discoveries can offer new understandings and renewed perceptions about oneself and tke. others. In his novel 'The China Coin', through the use of internal monologue, dialogue and flashbacks Allan Baillie reveals the transformations of the ,   protagonist, Leah, and her mother, Joan, as they travel across China to search for the other half of the ancient coin. While in the magazine article 'I Now Call Australia Home', Nick Giannopoulos conveys his personal discovery of his Greek heritage, as well as the different cultures in Australia and Greece, through juxtaposition and first person narrative voice. On the other hand, in the film 'Billy Elliot', through the protagonist, the director Stephen Daldry portrays the development of Billy as he realises hispassion for dance, and the changes in Billy's father, Jacky, by incorporating metaphors, diegetic and non-diegetic music. The composers skilfully manipulated various literary and film techniques to convey the discoveries of the characters about themselves and others.
Baillie collaborates numerous language techniques in 'The China Coin' to show the self-discoveries of Leah throughout her journey in China with Joan. The use of internal monologue accompanied with humour 'Here I am about to be sold into slavery...I have been kidnapped...' reveals Leah has realised that her decisions and feelings are not taken into account. The negative connotations 'sold into slavery' and 'kidnapped' emphasises Leah's unwillingness and disinterest in going to China. However, later on in the novel Leah's dialogue with Ke 'I want to be part of it' implies Leah's acceptance of China and her long lost family. This is further shown through the internal monologue ''re not Chinese, but...