Essay 2

Nicole Walters                         TMA 02                             Part A                                   C6589705
‘The care and support that we provide for people should enable them to make the most of their lives (DH, 2006, P.23). How successful are health and/ or social care services in achieving this aim?
In this essay I am going to look at health care and how successful it is. I am firstly going to look at what we mean by the term ill, being ill can affect people in different ways, e.g. being sent home from work with a cough and cold but not really feeling ill but feeling under the weather. For this illness you would go home and take some paracetamol or cold remedies and try to sleep it off then hopefully within a day or two you should feel better, or if for example you are really feeling under the weather, and you have a bad cough, bad chest and soar ears then you would make an appointment to see your GP as you may have something wrong that may need to be treated by anti-biotics.   If you have a more serious illness like diabetes then you will have to learn to control your medication, diet, healthy eating and exercise.
Your first point of contact is primary care, for example general practice. If you were ill, this is the first place you would go, if you needed advice about medication you would go to the pharmacy, if you had bad eyes you would go to the opticians. Primary health care services are those which are directly accessible to you, you make your own decision to use them. (The Open University, 2010, P75) Primary care services are provided by people you normally see when you first have a health problem. It might be a visit to a doctor or dentist or to an optician for an eye test, or a trip to a pharmacist to buy cough mixture. NHS walk-in centres and the NHS direct phone service are also part of primary care. (Source: NHS Direct, 2007c).
A ‘general practitioner’ (GP) is someone who is qualified to ‘practice’ a profession. About half of medical...