Essay 2

Muir and Wordsworth write about similar attributes. Nature is a main topic in both of their writings. Both use similes and hyperbole's to show readers just how much nature has affected their lives. Muir and Wordsworth are the two authors who wrote the poem “I am as lonely as a cloud” and the essay “Calypso Borealis” In their own way both authors express their deep connection that they have with nature through diction syntax and the vocabulary in their writings. The two authors are similar with their writing skills as shown by the way they spoke. In addition to diction syntax and vocabulary the two authors are also connected by the impact of tone and moods expressed in each of their story and poem. To clarify William Wordsworth wrote the poem and Muir wrote the essay or story. William Wordsworth uses this phrase to describe the daffodils he stumbles upon during a walk; beside the lake, beneath the trees, Fluttering and dancing in the breeze. In many different ways these two completely different authors express how nature has touched their lives and how they feel about it. In his poem Wordsworth describes the place where he walked upon the daffodils. As they dance in the breeze beneath the trees. In Muir’s essay he writes about his journey looking for the calypso borealis. There is a difference between the words of Muir and the words of Wordsworth. Wordsworth was just going for a stroll when he found the dancing daffodils whilst Muir was searching for the calypso borealis. Even though they are different people nature has inspired them both to write and amazing story and outstanding poem.