Essay 1

Essay 1

Understand how communication and interpersonal skills affect managerial performance in the workplace and be able to assess personal development opportunities to improve own managerial performance

Task 1
You are required to evaluate two or more strategies to overcome barriers to effective managerial communication and interpersonal skills at your place of work or in your area of responsibility.

You need first of all to describe the barriers and explain how they hinder effective managerial communication and interpersonal skills, and then go on to evaluate two or more strategies to overcome the barriers in order to provide a solution and make recommendations.

Task 2
Create a table showing a list of managerial attributes (such as the SJAR attributes listed below) and score yourself against each attribute (using a scale of 1-10), based on your own assessment of your abilities.

You are then required to identify and prioritise areas for development based on your assessment, to improve your managerial performance.

Task 3
You are required to assess own knowledge, skills and behaviour using appropriate criteria to make a judgement as to the effect of your knowledge, skills and behaviour on your performance as a manager. It is important to note that ‘assess’ implies some kind of objective scale or ranking, such as the SJAR attributes matrix of Leadership, initiative, professional effectiveness, reliability, effective intelligence, powers of communication, judgement, subordinate development, management, courage and values, physical stamina and team spirit.

Task 4
Produce a Personal Development Plan. (A suggested template for a Personal Development Plan is provided.)

The nominal word count for this section is 400 words: however, individuals have different writing styles, and there is no penalty if the word-count range is exceeded